Community Support

Community Support:

The MLPA planning effort has sparked an outpouring of public support from elected officials, local businesses, community organizations and scientists. Over 30 southern California legislators—Republicans and Democrats—have gone on record supporting a strong conservation plan, reflecting broad popular support for protected areas along the south coast. The Laguna Beach City Council has voted repeatedly in favor of marine protection. Many long-time fisherman have watched as sea life has grown smaller and scarcer along the south coast and have come to believe we need to take steps now to restore our ocean to health.


What People Are Saying

“Their achievement over many years has established a legacy of which all Lagunans can be proud.”
Elizabeth Brown, President, Laguna Greenbelt

“They showed how to campaign sincerely and successfully, turning interpersonal and neighborhood advocacy into a force at the municipal, regional and statewide level.”
Greg Helms, Ocean Conservancy

“Laguna is indeed fortunate to reap the benefits of their impressive efforts.”
Barbara and Greg MacGillivray, One World Ocean Foundation

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Fishermen Support Citywide Marine Reserve


Dear Sir:

I would like to comment on the need for a Marine Reserve for all of Laguna Beach including South Laguna. I believe that I speak with some knowledge of fishing.

I come from a family and have many friends that are commercial fishermen in the state of Washington and Alaska. I and my wife and 2 sons routinely fish the ocean waters of Alaska, Mexico, Central America, Florida and the Caribbean. In addition, we have fished the waters from Laguna to San Clemente for the past 30 years, 10 of which we had our own 26-foot fishing boat moored in Dana Point. I feel that we have knowledge of both commercial and sport ocean fishing.

We have witnessed the ocean sport fishing in our area become a small fraction of what is it has been in the past. This fishery has declined to the point where I would say that there are almost no fish left in our local ocean.

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