Marine Reserves

We need only look at the northern Channel Islands for more proof that marine reserves work. Scientists who conducted a five-year review of monitoring at the Channel islands found fish to be larger and more abundant in marine reserves than in fished areas nearby. Recent research shows those benefits are spilling over to surrounding areas. These findings echo those from reserves around the world.


Marine reserves around the world have proven to increase the size and abundance of marine life in the protected area. As opposed to single species management, marine reserves take an ecosystem approach that protects all living things within a specified area. It works because it is based on science.



Research and Monitoring Tell Us Alot


A Simple Fact: Larger Fish Produce More Fish
Larger Fish Produce More Fish



Another Simple Fact:
Marine Reserves Produce More Fish and Keep the Eco-System in Balance



Marine Reserves Produce More Fish and Keep the Eco-System in Balance


The Last Important Fact:
Reserves Protect Fish So They Can Mature and Reproduce.

The Age At Which Fish Mature


Why We Need Marine Reserves

Mairne environments worldwide are in the mindst of a tranformation. 67% of our global fisheries are over exploited or depleted. Over 40 “Dead Zones” exist in the world’s oceans. 2/3′s of our coastal systems are affected by pollution. Learn more about marine reserves and what this means to our marine enviroment.